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No kitchen or bathroom renovation is Set In Stone until you have quartz, granite, and stone countertops. The installation of such luxuries is a time-honored skill and craft that takes years to master. Because of this, it can take time to find the right contractor to do the job for you. Our contractors have the essential skills and experience to turn your bathrooms and kitchen into the spaces they were meant to be. These countertop additions can make a world of difference even when they're the only fix in which you're investing.

The difference Set In Stone provides you comes from our years of interning and working with some of the most respected stonemasons the world knows. You'll see an immense before and after in your kitchen. It'll satisfy you on many levels.

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Are you looking for top-quality stone installation? Set In Stone helps you to have top-quality stone installation services, so you don't have to lift a finger. We've carried some of the best practices down from many generations to give your space a look that's modern, open, and inviting. From our start, the intention was to build a business from scratch that could make a difference in the lives of people looking for better services. We've already honed in our craft, but we don't ever stop refining it!

Set In Stone proudly serves the Denver, CO, area.
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